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Making of Kamui- Gintama Collab fanart

Great remix of Dark Souls by OCRemix! Why did I chose that music if it has nothing to do with Gintama!? Just because!

Si estás leyendo esto y no entiendes nada de lo que aquí está escrito, pásate acá!
Making of Fanart colaborativo Kamui- Gintama (español!)

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Now, let´s begin with explaining what makes this fanart so special snoflakey! Well, this is not made to honor some fanfiction, this is a super cool collaborative work made with a fantastic friend from Facebuk, Karla Ríos. She made the Lineart (and decided which character we will had to make, and also the background style! Very spacey xD).
I did make the coloring, but digitally, and she made it traditionally! Woah!

Yeah, Karla does a lot of great art with traditional tools, if you are interested, you can check her work here! You won´t regret it ;D

Facebook Karla Ríos’ art that will blow your mind! (so cool!)

Also, before delving ourselves into fanart territory, just so you know, I have my own works! Which you can check it out here!

Shameless self advertising! And original story of mine (lenghty, will get updated & translated if you ask for it!)

Shameless self advertising 2! My very own comic! (already translated, yeah!)

Now, let´s get dirty with the making of this delicious husbando— eeem, the favorite Gintama character for KR! (ups, I almost slipped there, teehee!)
This fanart is based on canon art, like this one! (well, exactly is this one, but ssshhshsh!).

Then KR draw this beautiful interpretation (it has its differencies, just look at them closely!).

Now, on with my process, which will be more of a serialization of how the different color and shades layers are coming to life, because the lineart process is all a mystery for me! (ask Karla if you want to, I´m sure she will have an explanation for it!)

Beginning with the curious oriental umbrella Kamui always carries around, which serves him as a weapon, as protection from the cruel sun (he´s literally the opposite of superman! yeah!) and recreate singing in the rain!

Going up with the layers, we have the skin! We need this husbando to be more 3D, so we can better appreciate him!

There you go! This husbando is now kissa— I mean, it looks better! But it can be more with some sensual hairstyle, that will wave to the wind so his innate bishounen sensuality shows off!

Now, let´s put on some clothes, because a naked husbando is not that bad, but a plain one doesn´t even register in the sexyness radar!

Ups, he has no legs! Poor cripple boy =C… hahaha, no! Wait, we can fix that!

And finally, the last part of his attire, that cape of awesomeness that he waves around so much!

And with the final thouch, now we have the whole picture!

Clap, clap! Well, that’s all, shu!! The show is over— NO! I was just kidding! Come back, it still goes on!!

We haven´t made the scenery! But before that, let´s have some fanservice….

Ok, enough with the close up! (for now…) This background badly needs to be made!

Now we have the whole Kamui drawing ready, the next step is to make a cute background, just like the one KR asked for, a cosmic spacey background directly out of Star Trek— I mean, a Gintama´s manga cover!

The next thing was a pretty Mexican 90’s bad joke, I will spare you that and instead, I will cut to the chase! hahaha No, wait! We can do this! Yeah!….

So now, let´s make some Art Attack kind of thingy!
First, we will make our concept drawing about space weather like this one!

Then you do this, and that, a little more of that other thingy… then we will put our drawing in our magical basket like this one…

Then, close your eyes for a couple minutes while I retrieve this new drawing from under the table… and that´s it! Scenery ready!

However, this neat art is not ready! The collaboration was supposed to be Karla and I coloring the same drawing in our own styles, so now, you can marvel at 2 beautiful pieces of art!

First, a face to face comparison of both!

Some extra thingies!
Our esteemed Karla Ríos gave me those captures of her artistic process, so now, you can prettily appreciate how it went from her side! ;D

And now, the main course!!!!

Versión HD 4x sorround for download, the file is tremendously big (50 x 50 cm!), I just wanted it to be as detailed as I could get! (welp, I exaggerated a bit I must say! xD)

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[…] Making of Kamui- Gintama (in english) […]



[…] Making of Kamui- Gintama Collab (in english) […]