Making of Dark Confrontation- The Mirror’s Mistake fanart

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Besides this neat fanart, I have many others of Danganronpa (Mukuro Ikusaba & Despair Sisters), legend of Korra (Korra), Gintama (Kamui) and my very own not-OC (Because he’s really a part of my original series, he’s canon I swear!) Wert Klift from Freedom Wills, Check them all out!

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Another spontaneous fanart appears! Again, I was swimming around AO3 and then, found out this pretty curious and neat fanfiction. Yeah, this time, I changed the fandom, what a surprise! Dragon Ball! On this ocasion, I was looking for something Pan related, because I’m getting sick of waiting for her to do something in Dragon Ball Super (and also getting sick of that silly show, ugh, when is it going to change the status quo?=/).

In fact, at first, I was somewhat skeptical about this one, because Freezer is not my favorite character, so a story featuring him doesn’t instantly interests me. But with an open mind, I began reading, and wow!. This one takes on the DBGT route, many years later from the end of that non-canonical series (but still better than super xD).

Goku is gone for good, and it’s up to the rest of the gang to take on the earth protection mantle. We see a more mature Pan, she has grown up a lot (but according to the author she’s not that tall, tehee).
Also, she has changed quite a bit regarding her powers, she can go super saiyan and all! And has a tail! Why? well, you will have to read to find out ;3

Another neat thing this story does is expanding the not so explored early life of the universal tyrant that gave our heroes so many headaches (what with his 5 minutes stretched over 20 episodes and all! lol). A thing I would have liked to see more in DBGT is exploring more of the already existent spacial creatures, and more in depth development of these extraterrestrial beings. Good news! This story present us with lots and lots of that! Yeah, even the alien movies (new ones alike) would be pretty much jealous of the level of world building this fanfiction does.

Is so great, I would like to make an encyclopedia on it, whew. And the adventures Pan have in the home planet of Freezer are pretty exciting too! Also, we get to know a lot of memorable and endearing OCs, and pan gets to fight a lot, winning her own battles and showing respect to Goku’s memory, keeping his teachings at heart and making a nice and thoughtful contrast to what Freezer does (misterious!).

As for Freezer, he’s the antagonist here, but he gets a better treatment than what he got in his dummy movie. Here, he doesn’t need a silly recolored upgrade, he does get an upgrade, yes, but in a more interesting way, and we got to explore his background (non canonic, of course, but well written nonetheless), his family, his world, the society where he lived and all… and yes, if you are wondering, he came back from the death! But how and why? you will have to find out (I’m so evul, lol xD).
So, What are you doing there awestruck? go and read this fantastic story!

The Mirror’s Mistake by A Slime Approaches

Ok, that’s it with the story that inspired this piece of art, we need some shameless selfpromotion (xD not really, but here you got it anyway!)

Shameless self promotion… my original story!

Shameless self promotion 2… the comic inspired on my original story

Shameless self promotion 3… another original comic

Shameless self promotion 4… and yet another original comic


Enough with the introductions, now on the making of the fanart!

First of all, I asked a lot of input from the author to make this possible, because, as a non- native english speaker, I tend to distort what I read in my mind, and imagine my own stuff while reading, or overlook a lot of minor details to give more attention to the story itself (bad reading habits of me, sorry =.C). And also, since this story has a lot of original stuff from the author, that’s the only reliable source for information xD.
So to begin my concept, I just did a simple sketch that depicted the mental image I got from this cool story as a whole (luckly, this is an already finished one, so it was pretty simple ;3)

The concept was accepted, so the next stage was designing the stuff! First of all, Pan, who is older here and has changed quite a bit. For her, I took her mother’s complexion and fighting stance, and also a varied mix of clothes chosen and designed by the author, used by an avatar from DB Xenoverse!

And since I wanted to portray her as a SSJ, because that’s an important thing on this fic, I based her hair design on this other fanart!

For the mirror’s design (which is a crucial part of this fic, read and find out!), I based it on the description given by the author throughout the story, Freezer is his typical cocky self and the background is supposed to represent some stuff on the story and the world where the galactical tyrant lived at and such (according to the author, based on Namek and that one from Prometheus movie). So in order to make the background work harmonically with the mirror, I made those mounts spiky and cruel, and the sky colorful or soemthing like that (yeah, it looks so shitty here, I know, beta versions and all, don’t hate me xD)

So, detailing the mirror, I made those spiky rib-like things protuding from the circunference, because they look gruesome and rough, and that’s rad (xD).

Inside the mirror there’s a little familiar someone that I won’t reveal (unless you recognized him, of course!), which is a spoilerific part of this fic, so read and find out!

And those spiky mounts at the background I made them sharped, more solid and ferocious! Argh!

And adding the lineart for the characters! They are ready to fight each other to the death, with that creepy midget in there cheering them on! (xD aha, of course…)

But this all looks too ugly, so much mixed lines in there, let’s add some nice color and… tada!

Now, the trickiest part, coloring the sky! In my imagination, this sky would look like a bubble, with varying colors with a main one being dominant, and at the far end it will show the dominant color, according to the hour of day.. but what am I talking about!? Ups, spoilers, go check the story to find out more (hahaha, yeah, I’m such a teaser 7w7).

And the ground and spiky mounts will just have this grassy and rocky look to it, nothing too complex, it shouldn’t steal the presence from the characters!

Now, the mirror needs some finishing touches, and that shady figure too, since it’s spoilerific and not that creepy at all, it should be imposing, mysterious and scary!

But still, everything looks rather plain, and also, there’s another main element from the story missing, but you haven’t read it yet! So I won’t spoil the vile wave and ups, xD I did it again? Eeeeem, just ignore it until you read it, ok? tehee~

Much better! It feels more eerie and full of life, now, the characters need some love! Let’s begin with Freezer, because he’s the more easy to finish (yeah, being nude all the time has its quirks for the artist xD I see what you did there, Toriyama!).

And now, my favorite, Pan! Welp, she gets all kind of details, so she was more laborious, and also, since she’s on SSJ form, she needs an special kind of lightning happening around! More illuminated at the edges and the shadows concentred on the center of her limbs, that’s tricky!

And now, her special SSJ magic aura, which I have experimented on previously with a fanart of Goku, so I just had to use the same tools as I used there (some fire brushes, golden difumination and such ;3). And the effect is powerful and easy too! How convenient hehehe.

And finally, some more spoilerific details for Freezer and that misterious creature on the mirror, who, by the way, is stretching his arms far beyond the mirror’s glass, but that’s a secret!

Finally, my beautiful work is done!

And just in case you are missing it, the lineless version of the whole drawing!!

And as it has become traditional with this fanarts, the proof that the author likes it (yeah, I’m so vain xD).

Client’s satisfaction is my fuel ;3

Downloadable version HD 4x sorround for whomever wants to get it!

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