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Making of Dark Confrontation- The Mirror’s Mistake fanart

Aparte de este, tengo otros fanarts mas! Puedes checarlos aquí!
Si quieres una traducción al español, déjamelo en comentario =3

Besides this neat fanart, I have many others of Danganronpa (Mukuro Ikusaba & Despair Sisters), legend of Korra (Korra), Gintama (Kamui) and my very own not-OC (Because he’s really a part of my original series, he’s canon I swear!) Wert Klift from Freedom Wills, Check them all out!

Making of the Parade, Hope’s Peak Academy – the Calm Before the Storm fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a el Desfile de Hope’s Peak Academy – the Calm Before the Storm fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model Fanfiction (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden Fanfiction (in english)

Making of Kamui- Gintama (in english)

Haciendo a Kamui- Gintama (En español)

Haciendo a Wert Klift- Freedom Wills (En español)

Haciendo a Cassandra Vileko?- Saiyan Age (En español)

Another spontaneous fanart appears! Again, I was swimming around AO3 and then, found out this pretty curious and neat fanfiction. Yeah, this time, I changed the fandom, what a surprise! Dragon Ball! On this ocasion, I was looking for something Pan related, because I’m getting sick of waiting for her to do something in Dragon Ball Super (and also getting sick of that silly show, ugh, when is it going to change the status quo?=/).

In fact, at first, I was somewhat skeptical about this one, because Freezer is not my favorite character, so a story featuring him doesn’t instantly interests me. But with an open mind, I began reading, and wow!. This one takes on the DBGT route, many years later from the end of that non-canonical series (but still better than super xD).

Goku is gone for good, and it’s up to the rest of the gang to take on the earth protection mantle. We see a more mature Pan, she has grown up a lot (but according to the author she’s not that tall, tehee).
Also, she has changed quite a bit regarding her powers, she can go super saiyan and all! And has a tail! Why? well, you will have to read to find out ;3

Another neat thing this story does is expanding the not so explored early life of the universal tyrant that gave our heroes so many headaches (what with his 5 minutes stretched over 20 episodes and all! lol). A thing I would have liked to see more in DBGT is exploring more of the already existent spacial creatures, and more in depth development of these extraterrestrial beings. Good news! This story present us with lots and lots of that! Yeah, even the alien movies (new ones alike) would be pretty much jealous of the level of world building this fanfiction does.

Is so great, I would like to make an encyclopedia on it, whew. And the adventures Pan have in the home planet of Freezer are pretty exciting too! Also, we get to know a lot of memorable and endearing OCs, and pan gets to fight a lot, winning her own battles and showing respect to Goku’s memory, keeping his teachings at heart and making a nice and thoughtful contrast to what Freezer does (misterious!).

As for Freezer, he’s the antagonist here, but he gets a better treatment than what he got in his dummy movie. Here, he doesn’t need a silly recolored upgrade, he does get an upgrade, yes, but in a more interesting way, and we got to explore his background (non canonic, of course, but well written nonetheless), his family, his world, the society where he lived and all… and yes, if you are wondering, he came back from the death! But how and why? you will have to find out (I’m so evul, lol xD).
So, What are you doing there awestruck? go and read this fantastic story!

The Mirror’s Mistake by A Slime Approaches

Ok, that’s it with the story that inspired this piece of art, we need some shameless selfpromotion (xD not really, but here you got it anyway!)

Shameless self promotion… my original story!

Shameless self promotion 2… the comic inspired on my original story

Shameless self promotion 3… another original comic

Shameless self promotion 4… and yet another original comic


Enough with the introductions, now on the making of the fanart!

First of all, I asked a lot of input from the author to make this possible, because, as a non- native english speaker, I tend to distort what I read in my mind, and imagine my own stuff while reading, or overlook a lot of minor details to give more attention to the story itself (bad reading habits of me, sorry =.C). And also, since this story has a lot of original stuff from the author, that’s the only reliable source for information xD.
So to begin my concept, I just did a simple sketch that depicted the mental image I got from this cool story as a whole (luckly, this is an already finished one, so it was pretty simple ;3)

The concept was accepted, so the next stage was designing the stuff! First of all, Pan, who is older here and has changed quite a bit. For her, I took her mother’s complexion and fighting stance, and also a varied mix of clothes chosen and designed by the author, used by an avatar from DB Xenoverse!

And since I wanted to portray her as a SSJ, because that’s an important thing on this fic, I based her hair design on this other fanart!

For the mirror’s design (which is a crucial part of this fic, read and find out!), I based it on the description given by the author throughout the story, Freezer is his typical cocky self and the background is supposed to represent some stuff on the story and the world where the galactical tyrant lived at and such (according to the author, based on Namek and that one from Prometheus movie). So in order to make the background work harmonically with the mirror, I made those mounts spiky and cruel, and the sky colorful or soemthing like that (yeah, it looks so shitty here, I know, beta versions and all, don’t hate me xD)

So, detailing the mirror, I made those spiky rib-like things protuding from the circunference, because they look gruesome and rough, and that’s rad (xD).

Inside the mirror there’s a little familiar someone that I won’t reveal (unless you recognized him, of course!), which is a spoilerific part of this fic, so read and find out!

And those spiky mounts at the background I made them sharped, more solid and ferocious! Argh!

And adding the lineart for the characters! They are ready to fight each other to the death, with that creepy midget in there cheering them on! (xD aha, of course…)

But this all looks too ugly, so much mixed lines in there, let’s add some nice color and… tada!

Now, the trickiest part, coloring the sky! In my imagination, this sky would look like a bubble, with varying colors with a main one being dominant, and at the far end it will show the dominant color, according to the hour of day.. but what am I talking about!? Ups, spoilers, go check the story to find out more (hahaha, yeah, I’m such a teaser 7w7).

And the ground and spiky mounts will just have this grassy and rocky look to it, nothing too complex, it shouldn’t steal the presence from the characters!

Now, the mirror needs some finishing touches, and that shady figure too, since it’s spoilerific and not that creepy at all, it should be imposing, mysterious and scary!

But still, everything looks rather plain, and also, there’s another main element from the story missing, but you haven’t read it yet! So I won’t spoil the vile wave and ups, xD I did it again? Eeeeem, just ignore it until you read it, ok? tehee~

Much better! It feels more eerie and full of life, now, the characters need some love! Let’s begin with Freezer, because he’s the more easy to finish (yeah, being nude all the time has its quirks for the artist xD I see what you did there, Toriyama!).

And now, my favorite, Pan! Welp, she gets all kind of details, so she was more laborious, and also, since she’s on SSJ form, she needs an special kind of lightning happening around! More illuminated at the edges and the shadows concentred on the center of her limbs, that’s tricky!

And now, her special SSJ magic aura, which I have experimented on previously with a fanart of Goku, so I just had to use the same tools as I used there (some fire brushes, golden difumination and such ;3). And the effect is powerful and easy too! How convenient hehehe.

And finally, some more spoilerific details for Freezer and that misterious creature on the mirror, who, by the way, is stretching his arms far beyond the mirror’s glass, but that’s a secret!

Finally, my beautiful work is done!

And just in case you are missing it, the lineless version of the whole drawing!!

And as it has become traditional with this fanarts, the proof that the author likes it (yeah, I’m so vain xD).

Client’s satisfaction is my fuel ;3

Downloadable version HD 4x sorround for whomever wants to get it!

Haciendo Hope’s Peak Academy “The parade”- The calm before the storm fanart

Música cool por. Binaria Apoyen al artista y todo eso ;P

If you can´t understand this esto es en español, go see the english version ASAP!

English version!

Aparte de este, tengo otros fanarts mas! Puedes checarlos aquí!

Danganronpa (Mukuro Ikusaba & Despair Sisters), legend of Korra (Korra), Gintama (Kamui) y mi personaje propio Wert Klift directo de Freedom Wills, chécalos!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model Fanfiction (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden Fanfiction (in english)

Making of Kamui- Gintama (in english)

Haciendo a Kamui- Gintama (En español)

Haciendo a Wert Klift- Freedom Wills (En español)

Haciendo a Cassandra Vileko?- Saiyan Age (En español)

Otro fanart espontáneo! Ok, lo confieso! Todos mis fanarts lo son xD, hago arte por amor, y poca gente me pide que les dibuje algo, pero si tienen interés en que dibuje sobre algún fanfiction de su interés, déjenmelo en comentarios!

Este cool fanart está inspirado en un cool fanfiction que pertenece a la trilogía que llamaré “Mukuro Ikusaba hizo nada malo”~~.
Así es! Es una trilogía, pero hecha por diferentes autores! Y aún así, todas hablan de lo mismo, Mukuro y su segunda oportunidad de vivir (y no ser empalada como brocheta, qué rico xD, digo, no! Qué horror!)

Dos de esa historias ya tienen su fanart, hechos por ni más ni menos que yo mesma! Así es, persigo al personaje xD. Es que simplemente tuvo tan mal desarrollo en el canon, y tenía tanto potencial, que uno se queda con ganas de algo mejor! Y AO3 es el mejor lugar para buscar… Menos las primeras historias! No vean esas, dan miedo (mucho despaircest! eeewwwg).

Mukuro hizo algo mejor en la novela spinoff Danganronpa IF, pero el autor es un cretino y se niega a aceptar que es canon, así que la pobre chica está condenada al olvido y a siempre vestir esa fea peluca rosada =.c.

Después de leer prácticamente todas las historias en AO3, lo que me tomó como mmh, semanas de trauma y lectura y sufrimiento (porque hay muchas asquerocidades ahi! pero sigue siendo mejor que wattpad! yey xD), finalmente encontré el top 3 de las historias, y miren qué casualidad, si hasta parecen complementarse entre sí!


-El arco de los orígenes que todos merecemos conocer!-

Este retrata la infancia de las hermanitas desesperadas (o como traducen los españoles despair sisters?XD), antes que se volvieran eso, y cuando eran un par de mocosas traviesas que incendiaban casas y golpeaban perritos (qué tiernas, no?XD), además de mostrar a Mukuro uniéndose a Fenrir y creciendo como la súper soldado definitiva de nuestros sueños (no húmedos, pervertidos!), así que chéquenla y disfrútenla!

My Shadow is a Super Model by. StarlitShadowHuntress

-El arco de la segunda oportunidad en el universo alternativo-

Aquí está nuestro actual fanart! Aquí podrás ver un universo alternativo donde Mukuro nunca se unió a las ridiculeces de su hermanita Junk-o, así que no le ayudó a destruir el mundo, en cambio, se le opone! Sí, qué genial! Esperemos que termine bien ;D (spoiler, maybe not xD). Está ubicado alrededor del suceso conocido en el anime como The Parade of Kibougamine (algo así como el alegre desfile de muerte en la escuelita el pico de la esperanza, ñoño xD), donde los pobres estudiantes del curso de reserva (de caras azules y cuerpos traslúcidos, quizá hechos de gelatina!), hicieron su revolución y rompieron cosas porque no les daban beca, los maestros los reprobaban sin piedad, los PIAs eran muy difíciles y los mandaron directo a segundas o algo así (o eso fue en FCFM?XD). Como sea, iré explicando más conforme avancemos, checa la historia, que aún continúa!

The Calm Before the Storm By. Sabrina_Nanami11037

-El arco no es muy tarde para la redención!-

Ok, digamos que Mukuro creció mala, siguió mala y continuó mala hasta el juego de la muerte, no pudo prevenir ni madres y ahora sus compañeros y ella están forzados a vivir en la escuela del terror y en lugar de relajarse porque sus necesidades están atendidas y están en su colegio de ricos siendo consentidos, se matan entre sí porque… porque no?XD
Así que Mukuro ayudó a su hermana, pero la muy perra la traicionó y ahora se le ha revelado y trata de ayudar a sus compañeros a pasar el semestre y las PIAs y tratar de no matarse accidentalmente (sus compañeros son ~especiales~ xD).
Aún así, Mukuro puede intentar enmendar las cosas y quizá vencer a la basurita Junk-o, podrá hacerlo? averiguenlo en esta última entrega de la trilogía!
O quien sabe, quizá luego salga otra (después de que salen de la escuelita) y sea una cuatrilogía! Wuuu
Otra historia incompleta, pero esperemos el autor no abandone -.-

Never Say Never by. hunterofcomedy

Y eso es todo de presentaciones!

Si tienes curiosidad, también tengo mis historias originales, que puedes watchear aqui!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! Mi historia original

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! El cómic inspirado en Mi historia original!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada 2! Mi cómic propio

Auto publicidad desvergonzada 4! Mi otro otro cómic propio


Ahora que la historia de trasfondo está dicha, vayamos directo a la historia del fanart!
(“Sí! Por fin podemos ver tu arte cool y no historias random sobre alguna caricatura china que a nadie le importa!”)
Uh? quién dijo eso!? (ö.ó). Ignoremoslo y continuemos!

Primero que nada, mi concepto, de acuerdo a la historia, Mukuro se alía con los protagonistas del juego Danganronpa original, el pequeño ingenuo y aburrido Naegi y la astuta y rara Kirigiri. También, Jun-o aparece por ahí haciendo sus junkosas, sí que para representar dignamente esta historia, esos 4 personajes deben estar presentes, porque son importantes y constantes, ok?XD

La historia muestra que Junk-o está manipulando a todo el mundo de acuerdo a sus malignos planes, muajaja! Justo como en el chafa anime (excepto que Mukuro no está torturando y aterrorizando a los niños del vecindario, lo cual significa que esta Junko realmente está haciendo su trabajo y las cosas no ocurren por conveniencia ;D, una buena villana sin duda!).

Desde mi perspectiva, Junko está jugando a la titiritera de las sombras (master of puppets, yeah metallica!) , aunque realmente no sabemos cómo lo hace, aún así podemos ver el efecto en todo lo que sucede en Hope’s Pea. Así que me pareció que sería genial mostrarla como esta creatura omnipresente que juega con la escuela como si fuera casita de muñecas, por ello, la puse arriba con sus manos flotando y controlando todo, muajajaja.

Para el resto del cast, quería que Naegi se viera abrumado, aunque no del todo temeroso porque no me da la impresión de que sea un llorica como gohan (XD), pero si aterrado de las cochinadas que pasan alrededor, pobre chiquillo ingenuo y esperanzado xD.
Para Kirigiri algo más agresivo, aunque no sea la siguiente campeona de la WWE, tampoco considero que sea una cobardica ni se deja abrumar con facilidad (tiene sentimientos del todo?XD), ella tratará de afrontar la situación con su mente afilada, la dibujé algo defensiva, pero sigue estando calmada y calculadora.

Finalmente, nuestra estrella, Mukuro! También se muestra estresada, algo temerosa por que se enfrenta a la loca de su hermana, pero igual trata de anteponerse y detenerla! Spoiler! en la historia tiene una pesadilla, así que me basé en eso para ponerla encadenada (quieres saber porqué? lee!), a la vez, conecta con la idea de que su hermana está jugando con ella sin que se de cuenta. Aunque realmente no sé si Junko la está usando en algo a pesar de su iniciativa de detenerla (puede ser, quien sabe xD), y entonces como buena chessmaster, Junko la está llevando justo a donde la quiere! Muajaja!

Así que el hecho de que las cadenas salen de las manos de Junko para restringir a Mukuro es simbólico, incluso si todo está en la mente de Mukuro, su influencia sigue afectándola durante la historia (qué emocionante!)

Pero aún así la escena está muy vacía y fea! “que aburrido! me largo!” NO! Espera! aún falta más!! Lo prometo xD.
Si, está vacía, pero no por mucho tiempo! Qué quedará mejor ahí si todo esto pasa en la academia para niños mimados donde no se les enseña ni maiz? Exacto! Un patito de hule! jaja digo, la escuelita del terror!

La siguiente parte será definir a los protagonistas, darles algunas ropas para que no anden por ahí desnudillos (o si? versión porno?jejeje). Para los clásicos protagonistas, respeté su ropita normal, y para Mukuro, su usual faldita y chaquetita escolar loli, pero con sus botas de combate y guantes tácticos de guerrillera escolar yeah!

Aún con eso, carece de un cierto algo, como un ambiente más absorbente y cosas así.
En mis visiones proféticas me imaginé esta escena describiendo un momento muy crucial en la caída de Hope’s Peak, el desfile de estudiantes enojados unidos para masacrar, yeah!

Incluso si este evento no sucede (o tal vez si?) en el fanfic, se enlaza muy bien con el concepto de Junko como la maestra titiritera, y da mejor contexto a las actitudes y expresiones de los protagonistas en la escena!

Ahora que el concepto está bien definido, y Junko sale de entre las nubes como un esbirro de Cthulu…

Ahora sólo es cuestión de darles todos los detalles y cositas, limpiar el lineart y todo eso, y veamos cómo se ven todos dibujados con mi estilo! ;D

Y ahora los bonitos colores base!

Ahora la escena completa!

Ahora el sombreado!

Y ahora, para completar cada personaje, algunas luces!

Pero espera, dónde está Junko!? Ella tendrá un trato especial, mientras, confórmate con un aburrido color gris de fondo!
Y podemos ver cómo los chicos azules del desfile encajan en la neblina!

Ahora, los detalles para Junko que faltaban, las sombras y luces deben conjugarse con las nubes de tormenta que la rodean para que parezca un esbirro de Cthulu digno ;D

Algunos detalles para el edificio también!

Las nubes de tormenta y la neblina están compuestas de varias capas con diferentes efectos, ahí está el truco ;D.

Ahora puedes ver cómo las capas de nubes encajan perfectamente con las figuras de la imagen.

Ahora, todo integrado!

Y finalmente, todo junto!

Y con las luces apropiadas…

Sin Junko, se puede notar cómo los rayos de tormenta encajan perfectamente, afectando cada nube con una linda y saludable tonalidad morada, ahora sí es la tormenta perfecta!

Ahora con Junko en la escena, con su sombreado extra y demás!

Ahora el resto del cast, bastará con poner algunas sombras por aquí para que encajen bien con la escenografía!

Y ahora sí, la estrella del show se digna en aparecer!

La escena final, en todo su esplendor!

Y como se ha vuelto costumbre, la versión sin líneas, disfrútenla!

Ahora, mi egoboost del día, la prueba de que la autora ama mi trabajo ;D

La satisfacción del cliente es mi alimento xD

version descargable HD 4x sorround!

Making of “The parade” (Hope’s Peak Academy)- The calm before the storm fanart

Cool Music by. Binaria buy their albums and giara giara, you know the drill!

Aparte de este, tengo otros fanarts mas! Puedes checarlos aquí!

Besides this neat fanart, I have many others of Danganronpa (Mukuro Ikusaba & Despair Sisters), legend of Korra (Korra), Gintama (Kamui) and my very own not-OC (Because he’s really a part of my original series, he’s canon I swear!) Wert Klift from Freedom Wills, Check them all out!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model Fanfiction (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden Fanfiction (in english)

Making of Kamui- Gintama (in english)

Haciendo a Kamui- Gintama (En español)

Haciendo a Wert Klift- Freedom Wills (En español)

Haciendo a Cassandra Vileko?- Saiyan Age (En español)

Ahora, si no sabes inglés, o te da flojera leer todo esto, y no te importa mucho Danganronpa, te invito a que veas solamente las imagenes y te diviertas con el proceso ;D, si quieres una traducción al español, déjamelo en comentario =3

This fanart also was spontaneous, I have to confess right now xD all my fanarts are spontaneous or collaborated with cool artists, because I do art for love! So I was swimming around AO3 and then, found out this neat fanfiction I enjoyed so much was finally updated! Woah, so I went to read it and suddenly got inspired! Click! I had to make this one! I envisioned it and all xD.

But what story am I talking about? I’m crazy!!

———I’m about to delve into many Danganronpa segues xD so if you don’t care about it, skip it until the next division lines!—-

No! I’m not, I swear (XD, well, maybe a little!). The story that inspired this fanart it’s part of what I’m going to call, the trilogy “Mukuro Ikusaba did nothing wrong”~~ Yep, that’s right, you read it right, it’s a frigging trilogy xD but don’t think the same author made it all, it’s splitted among three different authors!

Oh, I’m sure you know two of them, not? remember my previous fanarts? Let me expand on it! I have been swimming around the web looking for nice Danganronpa fanfictions that show a positive portrayal of poor Mukuro Ikusaba, the girl who just workshipped, adored and then was killed by Junk-o without so much as showing her face for a few seconds and saying like three lines of dialogue.

How much sad can the life of a fictional character be!? (xD lol)
But she got a better portrayal in this neat Danganronpa novel IF, she was pretty badass, she stood against her sister and destroyed the mutual killing game before it took any live, it was fantastic and everyone who read it got to love her because she was finally her own damn character and not Junk-o shadow!

SO this fact has inspired many fan stories focused on making her do more than just patetically dying before the first trial and posing as her sister the rest of the time. And after reading tons and tons of fanfictions with her in the character tag (many of them killed her ASAP!), I came across these three stories I’m talking about, let´s see…

-The Origins story we all deserve to know! Arc-

This one shows us the early life of the mundially known Despair Sisters before they became that known, their mischievous behaviour and crazy adventures, how Mukuro joined Fenrir and who knows what else, it’s and on going story, check it out for yourself!

My Shadow is a Super Model by. StarlitShadowHuntress

-The second chance alternative universe! Arc-

This is it! The one this fanart is about! Here you can see an alternate universe where Mukuro never joined her crazy Junk sister in world destruction and instead opposes her! Yeah, let’s hope it ends well, shall we? It’s set around the time the Parade of Kibougamine’s reserve course students riotted and wrecked havoc around! (more on this ahead, keep reading!)
It’s still going, so check it out!

The Calm Before the Storm By. Sabrina_Nanami11037

-The it’s not too late to seek for redemption! Arc-

Ok, so, after everything done and said, Mukuro still ended up being a Despair Sister and wrecked the world together with Junk-o, but not everything is lost! Yeah, bitchy girl tried to kill her, pretty bad… but still she can try to right her wrongs and keep everyone alive, will she be able to? Find it out in this final installment of the trilogy… or who knows, maybe that other post-IF fanfiction will update someday, I would love to make it a fanart if so, it will look like Mad Max xD…
This too it’s still going, so check it out!

Never Say Never by. hunterofcomedy

And that’s it with the introductions…

If you are curious, I also have my original stories, and you can watch them here!

Shameless self promotion… my original story!

Shameless self promotion 2… the comic inspired on my original story

Shameless self promotion 3… another original comic

Shameless self promotion 4… and yet another original comic


Now that you have some nice background, let’s dive into the fanart!
(“Yeah, effing finally, we came to see your cool art, not your random rantings about some chinese cartoons nobody cares about!”)
Uh? who said that? (ö.ó). Let´s ignore it and continue!

First of all, in the story, Mukuro joins forces with the protagonists of the original DR game, the näive Naegi and the clever Kirigiri (xD yeah, that sounded lame, I know). also, Junk-o appears a lot doing her stuff (the Fuyuhiko case, DR Zero and stuff), so in order to properly depic this story, these four must be present at the scene.
But why in the Never say Never stuff I didn’t put the whole 78th class whatever? Well, I’m lazy and even though they appear and do things, Mukuro is still largely the MC so bear with me on this one (xD).

The story let’s you know Junk-o is manipulating everyone according to her evil plans, just like in the anime (minus Mukuro who is not by her side in all of this, so it means she really is manipulating people and not bullying them into doing her biding like in the anime, a more frightening and powerful villian, don’t you think?XD).
From my point of view, Junko is playing master of puppets (yeah, by Metallica xD) from the shadows, we really don’t know how she’s doing it, but we can see her effect on everything sorrounding Hope’s Peak and all, so I thought she would be better as this ominous presence hunging over everyones playing with them, I put her on top, even with her hands hovering over the scene, controlling everything.

As for the rest of the cast, I wanted Naegi to be somewhat distressed, but not openly showing fear, just taken aback by the weird things happening around him, the poor hopeful innocent boy!
And Kirigiri, even though she’s not a physical fighter of any type, she’s still the kind to not let herself fall into fear and will try to fight it with her sharp mind, so she’s kind of defensive, but still calm and collected, trying to think her way out of it.

And finally, Mukuro, our Main character, she’s distressed as well, somewhat afraid because of her past with Junko, but trying to overcome it and fight against her sister, stop her even. Based on a nightmare she had somewhere in the story (read it if you want to find out xD), I put her being restrained by chains, which also plays into the concept of her being played by her sister unsuspectingly, I really don’t know if Junko is still using her even though Mukuro wants to stop her, maybe she’s playing right into her game, who knows! Junko is such the chess master, isn’t she? Playing with her pawns and sacrifycing them to achieve her goals! Or that’s the impression I get (;D).
So Junko still restraining Mukuro is symbolic, even if it’s just Mukuro’s mind who’s thinking that way, it still affects her during the course of the story!

But why the scene is still very much empty, and it doesn’t look well! “How boring! I’m leaving!!!” NO! Wait, there’s more! I promise it (n.nU). Yeah, it’s empty now, but you know what could fit well in there? yeah, you are right! If all of this happens in Hope’s Peak Academy, it means that should well be in there, don’t you think? So how about this?

The next part, was to define the protagonists, gave them some nice outfits to wear, I just used the standard designs for the main couple from the game, and as for Mukuro, she got to wear her usuar skirt and jacket attire, but with some neat combat boots and gloves because she’s a soldier and it fits well with her (at least for me, lol)

But still, it lacks a certain something, more in depth ambiance and stuff.
I envisioned this piece as a whole scene depicting a crucial moment in the story of mmh, Danganronpa 1 or something like that, the so called Parade of the reserve course students (that happened in the anime BTW).

Because the base fanfiction is set around that time and there’s even hints about that event during the story (so I’m betting it will appear at some time or something). Even if it doesn’t happen at all (which would be totally fine, really! The story could change the canon all it wants!), the threat is there, and is such a common reference that everyone could get it beforehand and know what I’m hinting about.

It also plays well with my concept of Junko being puppetmaster, Mukuro’s restrains, the students riotting because of her, everythin fits! Yeah! And it gives more context to the expressions and attitudes the protagonists are taking in the scene. Let’s see!

Now with the concept fully fleshed out, and Junko popping out of the sky like some kind of Cthulu spawn..

it’s just a matter of giving them all a lot of details and stuff, clean the lineart and such. Let’s see how everyone looks drawn in my style (FD).

Now some nice base colors!

And the whole scene!

Next one is some shading! Since this is an enourmous scene, I didn’t bother keeping my strokes clean with each drawing, yeah, I defined every detail in the characters, but let’s be real, who will notice I did pretty strokes when shading and stuff?XD no one! So I tried my best to make them even, with texture and all, but if you look close enough, they will appear to be messy, that’s the point! (I swear, it was intentional, not because I’m lazy xD)

And now, to complete each character, some lights!!

But wait, where is my Junko!? Well, she’s going to receive an special treatment, for now, conform yourself with these…
So as fill for the background, I chose this very neutral grey color, it fits well.

Also, we should note that the Parade guys should fit in the fog too!

And then the missing details to Junko, remember, her shading and lights should play together with the storm clouds sorrounding her, to make her look more like a Cthulu spawn and all (xD).

Some details to the building too!

The storm clouds and fog are composed by many layers of varying effect superimposed over each other, the most basic one is a light grey for the fog and transluscent blue for the sky…

Now, you can see how the clouds layer fits perfectly with the shapes on the image..

And what it looks like with when everything is combined? let’s see!

Now, everything together!

And with the proper lights…

Without Junko, we can see how the lighting storm fits in there, I gave each lightning-bolt-affected-cloud a nice purple hue, so it looks more its part on a storm (and not just some random lightning bolt superimposed over there, the stuff has to interact with each others, if not, it won’t look real!).

And now everything together with Junko, she already having extra shades, lights and everything else!

As for the rest of the cast, It’s just a matter of putting some shadows under them to make them fit into the scenery, and that’s all! Everything fits perfectly (;3).

And to make everything come whole! The star of the show!

And the king of the night!

And just in case you are missing it, the lineless version of the whole drawing!!

And as it has become traditional with this fanarts, the proof that the author likes it (yeah, I’m so vain xD).

Client’s satisfaction is my fuel x3

Downloadable version HD 4x sorround for whomever wants to get it!

Haciendo a Cassandra Vileko- DB Saiyan Age fanart

Aaah, los viejos tiempos con música orquestral sólo para un anime, se extraña t.t
Genial música sayajin xD

Aparte de este cool fanart, tengo otros de Danganronpa (Mukuro Ikusaba & Despair Sisters), legend of Korra (Korra), Gintama (Kamui) y mi not-OC (porque en realidad es canon de mi propia trashy historia!) Wert Klift de Freedom Wills (si, pronto actualizaré la historia, nada más que el doctorado deje de asfixiarme!), Check them out!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden (in english)

Making of Kamui- Gintama (in english)

Haciendo a Kamui- Gintama (En español)

Haciendo a Wert Klift- Freedom Wills (En español)

Para hacer este fanart obtuve inspiración repentin! Está basado en el Original Character de un fancómic de Dragon Ball llamado Saiyan Age- Johana Bardock, y después de algunos meses sin novedades, la autora finalmente subió actualizaciones, yeah!

Esta una historia curiosa, que ha evolucionado mucho a lo largo de los años, comenzó siendo una divertida historia del chosen one con sabor a Harry Potter y evolucionando elementos de Dragon Ball Z, pero la autora decidió hacer una transición en el estilo de arte (que cada vez se me mejor) y realmente no tengo idea hacia dónde va la historia ahora.
Pero no porque sea mala, si no porque ha sufrido cambios y modificaciones y seguramente habrá muchas sorpresas nuevas a lo largo del camino, vale la pena averiguarlo!

La verdad leo esta historia desde hace mucho tiempo, me leí todos los capítulos de novela que sacó y siempre iba al día en el manga siguiendo de cerca pero en secreto a la locuaz Johana y sus aventuras.
Me dio mucho gusto ver que la autora (Sorita Chan) diera un salto cuántico en su evolución artística, y soy de la firme idea de apoyar a los independientes con ganas de triunfar. Así que aquí me tienen, haciéndole promoción a otro trabajo ajeno más (agréguenlo a mi listado de trabajos en los que tengo expectativas).

Si quieren checarla, tiene su propio blog donde sube actualizaciones y demás cosas!

Dragon Ball SA © Sorita

Dragon Ball SA Facebook

Ahora, se preguntarán, qué rollo conmigo y el personaje que escogí!? Quién es esa que ni ha aparecido en la nueva versión del cómic!? Lo sé, lo sé, soy toda una hipster, es un personaje obscuro que ni siquiera tengo idea cuál será su rol argumental (esta vez, porque si lo sabía en la versión original) y que probablemente cambie de nombre (D= eso dijo la autora!).
Pues me da igual! La verdad, su versión original (la que si conozco), es cool xD es la chica mala y antagonista (no sé si pueda considerarse deuteragonista… la verdad no sé quién ocuparía ese rol, pero si es ella, aún mejor!).

Vaya, toda historia necesita un conflicto, y estoy segura que hay algún villano acechando las esquinas de la historia, pero esta chica hace un buen papel oponiéndose a la protagonista (tiene razones más allá de “te odio porque eres buena y diferente de mí”, estoy segura!).
Si hacemos la analogía con Harry Potter, podría decirse que es la Draco Malfoy de la historia, no? Y todos sabemos que Draco no era un pushover y que su papel era más relevante del simple abusón escolar (jajaja a quien engaño, no he leído el libro 7, pero creo que lo es, no? síganme la corriente!)

Como sea, tengo debilidad por los personajes malandros con trasfondos misteriosos que se oponen al protagonista y su mundo de arcoiris pero sin ser villanos de cartón.
De hecho, puedo decir que Cassandra me recuerda a un personaje propio que también le da dolor de cabeza a mi protagonista y gusta de hacerle maldad. Si no me creen, lean el capítulo 3 de la novela Freedom Wills… nadie lee esas cosas, ya se, esperen unos años a que alcance ese capítulo en el cómic entonces =X

Si tienen curiosidad, también tengo mis propias historias que pueden ver aquí, no sólo hago fanarts, aunque el doctorado no me deja mucho tiempo para avanzar mis historias, siempre las tengo presente en mi kokoro (y escribo un poco más en el camion).

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! Mi historia original

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! El cómic inspirado en Mi historia original!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada 2! Mi cómic propio

Ahora, profundicemos en Cassandra Vileko (o como se vaya a llamar ahora!D=)
Para poder dibujarla, pues me puse a buscar referencias en todos lados, y pude obtener unas páginas perdidas del fancómic (así bien creepypastero y todo!). Fue difícil, pero le agradezco al caché de google, y también al banner que a veces aparece en la página!

Como a mi me gusta partir siempre de una pose dramática para mis fanarts, busqué referencias de poses de pelea, porque ella es una saiyan y es lo que ellos aman hacer, sería interesante que saliera alguno que le guste cocinar o dibujar manga!

Me basé en la pose de este vato que según se basa en Azazel de los xmen, creo que es el papi de Nightcrawler, ni idea, pero eso explicaría muchas cosas FJ

Y por fin comencé por trazar el esqueleto de mi monita!

Haciendo algunos saltos cuánticos en el dibujo, obtuve la piel!! Si, me salté un chorro, pero practicamente no hice más pasos, me fui directo a la piel, el cabello y la ropa (si, todo junto, cierren sus bocas, se les cae la baba), demándenme!

Pero como no me gusta tener líneas tan cochinas (sólo un poquito, no se pasen!), definí el dibujo, ahora sí empezando por el lineart del cuerpo y el cabello.

Oh, si, debo confesar ahora que ya es muy tarde que ni me esforcé en imitar estilos, simplemente la hice como se me ajusta y ya, no les gusta? Demándenme (a la fila con los demás, jejeje).

Entonces definí la ropita del personaje, usando su armadura Freezereana de cuerpo completo como aparece en la página del manga.

Ahora, a colorear! De aquí me basé los colores del banner original que encontré y no sé de donde más, pero ahí están!

Ahora lo divertido, a darle volumen con el sombreado! Disfruten!

Qué? se ve muy oscuro el personaje? Miren el lado bueno!

Y como ya es tradición, la versión sin líneas para ver la definición ;D

Pero como saben, no hay personaje dragonballesco que no esté completo sin alguna forma de ataque energético budista new age… así que hagamos que esta fiesta se ponga prendida!

Añadamos algunos efectos despampanantes!

Y como siempre, un fondo chulo para que el personaje tenga diversión!

Es broma!

Y si se lo preguntan, siii, a la autora le gustó n///n

Versión de descarga HD 4x sorround para quién sabe qué fines malignos!

Versión alternativa de descarga HD 4x sorround para quién sabe qué fines malignos alternativos!

Haciendo a Wert Klift- Freedom Wills Collab Canonart

Genial remix de Chrono Cross hecho por OCRemix! Porqué música de Chrono Cross si nada que ver? Porque me gusta! Y no tengo aún música tema de Freedom Wills, así que se aguantan =P

Aparte de este, tengo otros previos Making of de Danganronpa, (Mukuro Ikusaba y Despair Sisters), La leyenda de Korra (Korra) y Gintama (Kamui) otro collab con KarlaRiosF’s Arts!!, chécalos por aquí!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden (in english)

Haciendo a Kamui- Gintama Colaboración (Español!)

Making of Kamui- Gintama Collab (in english)

Este de aquí no es un fanart! Es CanonArt xD así es! Muahahah. Ok, explicación time! Este es un personaje que aún no sale en mi serie original (ups, olvidé mencionar *SPOILER ALERT*!!!).
No se preocupen, conocerlo no revela detalles importantes de la trama… o si, pero sólo si les cuento su biografía, que no haré porque hueva. Así que conténtense con conocerlo!

Esta es otra colaboración super genial con la genial Karla Ríos, esta vez yo hice el Lineart (de un personaje con lentes porque es husbando material o algo así), y cada quien lo coloreó con la técnica que más le gustó. Obvio, yo en digital, ella en físico.
La pobre Karla la tuvo difícil, porque le tocó pintar una fea impresión en hoja papel bond, pero se las arregló muy bien y el resultado está genial!

Karla tiene más arte super chidori, si quieren checarla, aquí está el link!

Facebook Karla Ríos con arte que volará tu cerebro (es genial!)

También, antes de meternos con el proceso del fanart, para que vean que tengo cosillas originales de mí!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! Mi historia original donde este personaje aparecerá… sólo que en el siguiente tomo!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! El cómic inspirado en Mi historia original!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada 2! Mi cómic propio

Ahora, vamos directo al proceso!!!

Este personaje tiene conceptos previos, que diseñé hace unos 4 años xD pero como soy lenta subiendo la historia, aún no lo conocen jajaj, Claro, mientras más gente lo pida, más pronto subiré contenido, tengo ya 2 tomos de la historia y voy por el tercero ;D.

Comencemos con el de KR, porque es la invitada de honor ;D

Ella obviamente comenzó desde la vil página impresa, haciendo pruebas de qué tan bien salía la pintura ahí!

Aquí pueden ver el tipo de photoshop que usa Karla para dibujar!!!

Suficiente por ahora! EL resultado se mostrará al final, hay que crear espectativa! jejeje. Ahora, mi proceso!

Si no quieren ver todo el mugrero largo, porque son holgazanes… simplemente vayan a este link y ahórrense problemas…

Speed Process for lazy people

Si son cool y quieren leer todo, Vayan por palomitas, ya saben cómo me gusta hablar! xD

Érase una vez que yo era niña, me comía una bolsa de papitas y vi en el fondo una toda quemada, la saqué y había otra más en el fondo, saqué esa otra y todas las siguientes, al final sólo tenía papitas quemadas y como 10 tazos, historia real! (no me pasó a mí, ok? pero sigue siendo real!!!)
Ok, suficiente de mí, hablemos de Wert! No! Mejor no! Eso sería spoiler!!!! Pero les contaré su biografía. Wert nació de una madre loca, pero genial, una científica loca… ups, eso si es spoielr! xD

Mejor vamos con el proceso!!!
Como siempre, pueden ver cómo planee el esqueleto del personaje, es la parte más divertida, porque aquí puedes hacer todo lo loco que se te antoje, casi sin pensar en anatomía o proporciones. Mientras se vea dinámico y te guste, es lo importante.
A mi me gustan los esqueletos expresivos y que digan algo sobre el personaje ;D

Luego ya lo aterrizo en la realidad, dándole volumen al cuerpo para ver si el dinamismo se traslada al cuerpo o no. En este caso, no se ve tan mal!

Como pueden ver en el concepto original, Wert tiene partes prostéticas, así es, le faltan miembros!!! (ese no! xD pervertos!! Oh, no pensaron en ESE? Ups, no, no dije algo xD ignórenme!!). De acuerdo al Lore estas personas que nacen con deformidad, sin extremididades o con capacidades diferentes se les llama Limbfreaks, son excluidos de la sociedad porque todos los demás se creen mucho y en su perfección desprecian los “deficientes”. Porqué hay gente que nace así? Bueno, como todo en el mundo, la radiación n stuff. No más! Demasiado spoilerífico!!! *SPOILER ALERT!!!*

Así que Wert tiene estas máquinas que sustituyen sus miembros
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(NO! stop!). Pero como no se puede simplemente meterle máquinas al dibujo al azar, me he debido basar en el diseño de prótesis y en otros diseños previos de mecanismos que había analizado.

Cómo ideé las máquinas de su cuerpo? Pues estudié muchos diseños y tipos de herrajes y maquinaria diversa, luego pensé en una prótesis normal y la adorné con todo lo que me pareció cool! Parece funcional? No tengo idea si lo sea.. es la magia del arte!

Entonces hago un salto cuántico y de repente, bam! Ya lo tengo vestido y toda la cosa! Tuve que alargarle la pierna de atrás y el torso, las proporciones iniciales no eran tan adecuadas (Adefesio!!!=O!!)

Así es! Tantos detalles, tanto que definir! Woah, mátenme!!! Hahaha, no se preocupen, cuando aparezca en la serie siempre tendrá el pantalón extendido y manga larga!! (Ni de loca dibujo todo eso en cada panel!!!D===)

Pongámosle algo de color base, para que se vea menos plano!

Ahora disfruten el colorido paso por paso de la piel!

Y el fenomenal pelambre verde! No crean que está pintado, es mutación… radiación!!! (en lugar de producir pollos con 3 alas, le da pelo arcoiris a la gente, wow!!!). Hahah, los timé… no spoilers!
Ya saben, mis pelambres coloreados siempre terminan siendo ultra realistas creepypasteros, porqué? se ve cool! Más preguntas?

Ahora la parte más intresante, los mecanismos! Cada parte es de un material diferente, y debo asegurarme que el color refleje ese material y textura sin tener que añadirle más detalles. inclusive los mismos brushes que use deben colaborar al texturizado. Veamos qué tal!

Comenzando por la pierna, que tiene metal bruñido, metal cepillado, plástico lustroso y foquitos led para la navidad!

La parte roja es de plástico lustroso, debe reflejar bien la luz en el centro y absorber sombras en las orillas.

La rodilla es un metal cepillado, se puede ver cómo el mismo sombreado le da la textura áspera de este acabado.

Las tiritas del chamorro, y los componentes del pie son de metal bruñido. Absorbe la luz en las orillas pero no lo refleja con tanta potencia como si fuera pulido, ni siquiera refleja superficies como el acabado espejo, pero no se ve tan rudo como el cepillado.

Nótense los brillos de las lucecitas, cuyo color ligeramente invade el metal para denotar un reflejo.

Los lentes no tienen mayor misterio. Son de un plástico viejo y sucio, desgastado. Los vidrios son truculentos, para darle ese efecto transparente, pero que refleja la luz, simplemente oscurecí más el pelo y la piel detrás, y el vidrio lo acentué con color blanco difuminado. Voilá! Vidrios instantáneos!!

Continuamos con la mano!! NO!!! La mano no!!! Ok, no tiene tantos detalles de diversos materiales como la pierna, pero es más grande (por el foreshortening de la perspectiva) y además, tiene el añadido especial de poseer más fuentes de luz y brillos!! Ok, vamos allá @0@

Las partes metálicas son las más truculentas, estas si son metal pulido, casi espejo pero sin llegar a tanto, ya saben, ese acabado se acaba de volada! (badum tss! Gracias, gracias, estaré aquí toda la semana!! *buuu*). Dejando mis chistes malos de lado, observarán cómo en este acabado se absorbe más oscuridad en el área total del metal, pues tiene a focalizar la luz en puntos clave.

De una vez añado el texturizado a los dedos, estos son de metal cepillado, desgastado por el uso. La parte interna se supone que sea filosa, así que imitando ese acabado rudo de los cuchillos que se afilan con piedra y no esos bellos cuchillos de cocina que usan los chefs, le puse la oscuridad concentrada en el centro y la iluminación dominándola desde las orillas, usando texturizado definido (líneas claras).

Darle iluminación de la forma adecuada ayuda a definir mejor el volumen curveado y el material desgastado, en este caso usé abanicos de luz.

Añadimos los reflejos de luz en el brazo, y músculos, focalizados y difuminados para acentuar su calidad reflectiva. La punta de los dedos es metal bruñido, absorbiendo luz en el centro, reflejándola en las orillas de manera difuminada.

Con los últimos toques, se obtiene esta bonita mano metálica. llame ahora y recibirá esta mano para rascarse la espalda en una oferta inigualable!

Pero espere, aún hay más! Si es de las primeras 5 personas en pagar con 30 meses a intereses elevados, recibirá tubos fluorescentes para que su mano brille en la oscuridad! No me cree? Observe!!

Para que esos tubos misteriosos brillen, simplemente permito que el color salga de las líneas, woow!

Así es, el secreto ancestral, revelado!! Y ya quedó, tubos fluorescentes, llame ahora! Sólo por MaryDirecto!!

Ahora con el pantalónski, nada muy complejo, sólo uso un brush que de apariencia de tela mezclilla gastada, y voila!

La camisa obtuvo su coloreo misteriosamente mientras hablábamos, ni yo me lo puedo explicar!!!

El último detalle, el arma/ herramienta/ rascador de trasero/ cuchara sopera que Wert sostiene. Qué es? Secreto!!! (ni yo lo sé, se me ocurrió que se vería bonito, pero tendrá algún uso, hay que esperar y ver qué hace Wert con eso!!)
Materiales? Metal bruñido, cintas de cuero lustoso? (existe? no? pues ya lo inventé!), y brillitos mágicos!

Wert está completo y ha cobrado vida… cuidado! Se escapa de la pantalla!!!

Pero qué es un personaje sin un fondo? aburrido!! Hagámoslo divertido!
Traten de adivinar qué estoy haciendo!

Y está listo!!! Ahora, veamos los resultados, sé que se mueren de ganas, verdad!!?

Primero, un contra cara a cara de ambas!

Ahora, las versiones completas!!!!

Pensaste que sería un link de descarga, Kony Dio da!

No hay descarga! Wert es mio, mio nada más!! Muahaha. Quieren conocerlo de cerca, lean la novela, dejen algún comentario coqueto de que quieren más y pronto lo conocerán ;D

Making of Kamui- Gintama Collab fanart

Great remix of Dark Souls by OCRemix! Why did I chose that music if it has nothing to do with Gintama!? Just because!

Si estás leyendo esto y no entiendes nada de lo que aquí está escrito, pásate acá!
Making of Fanart colaborativo Kamui- Gintama (español!)

Besides this cool collab fanart, I have made previous for Danganronpa, (Mukuro Ikusaba & Despair Sisters) and the legend of Korra (Korra), Check them out here!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden (in english)

Now, let´s begin with explaining what makes this fanart so special snoflakey! Well, this is not made to honor some fanfiction, this is a super cool collaborative work made with a fantastic friend from Facebuk, Karla Ríos. She made the Lineart (and decided which character we will had to make, and also the background style! Very spacey xD).
I did make the coloring, but digitally, and she made it traditionally! Woah!

Yeah, Karla does a lot of great art with traditional tools, if you are interested, you can check her work here! You won´t regret it ;D

Facebook Karla Ríos’ art that will blow your mind! (so cool!)

Also, before delving ourselves into fanart territory, just so you know, I have my own works! Which you can check it out here!

Shameless self advertising! And original story of mine (lenghty, will get updated & translated if you ask for it!)

Shameless self advertising 2! My very own comic! (already translated, yeah!)

Now, let´s get dirty with the making of this delicious husbando— eeem, the favorite Gintama character for KR! (ups, I almost slipped there, teehee!)
This fanart is based on canon art, like this one! (well, exactly is this one, but ssshhshsh!).

Then KR draw this beautiful interpretation (it has its differencies, just look at them closely!).

Now, on with my process, which will be more of a serialization of how the different color and shades layers are coming to life, because the lineart process is all a mystery for me! (ask Karla if you want to, I´m sure she will have an explanation for it!)

Beginning with the curious oriental umbrella Kamui always carries around, which serves him as a weapon, as protection from the cruel sun (he´s literally the opposite of superman! yeah!) and recreate singing in the rain!

Going up with the layers, we have the skin! We need this husbando to be more 3D, so we can better appreciate him!

There you go! This husbando is now kissa— I mean, it looks better! But it can be more with some sensual hairstyle, that will wave to the wind so his innate bishounen sensuality shows off!

Now, let´s put on some clothes, because a naked husbando is not that bad, but a plain one doesn´t even register in the sexyness radar!

Ups, he has no legs! Poor cripple boy =C… hahaha, no! Wait, we can fix that!

And finally, the last part of his attire, that cape of awesomeness that he waves around so much!

And with the final thouch, now we have the whole picture!

Clap, clap! Well, that’s all, shu!! The show is over— NO! I was just kidding! Come back, it still goes on!!

We haven´t made the scenery! But before that, let´s have some fanservice….

Ok, enough with the close up! (for now…) This background badly needs to be made!

Now we have the whole Kamui drawing ready, the next step is to make a cute background, just like the one KR asked for, a cosmic spacey background directly out of Star Trek— I mean, a Gintama´s manga cover!

The next thing was a pretty Mexican 90’s bad joke, I will spare you that and instead, I will cut to the chase! hahaha No, wait! We can do this! Yeah!….

So now, let´s make some Art Attack kind of thingy!
First, we will make our concept drawing about space weather like this one!

Then you do this, and that, a little more of that other thingy… then we will put our drawing in our magical basket like this one…

Then, close your eyes for a couple minutes while I retrieve this new drawing from under the table… and that´s it! Scenery ready!

However, this neat art is not ready! The collaboration was supposed to be Karla and I coloring the same drawing in our own styles, so now, you can marvel at 2 beautiful pieces of art!

First, a face to face comparison of both!

Some extra thingies!
Our esteemed Karla Ríos gave me those captures of her artistic process, so now, you can prettily appreciate how it went from her side! ;D

And now, the main course!!!!

Versión HD 4x sorround for download, the file is tremendously big (50 x 50 cm!), I just wanted it to be as detailed as I could get! (welp, I exaggerated a bit I must say! xD)

Haciendo a Kamui- Gintama Collab fanart

Genial remix de Dark Souls hecho por OCRemix! Porqué música de Dark souls si nada que ver? Pues nomás!

If you are here and can´t understand what’s written on the page, go here!

Making of Collab Fanart Kamui- Gintama (english!)

Aparte de este, tengo otros previos Making of de Danganronpa, (Mukuro Ikusaba y Despair Sisters) y La leyenda de Korra (Korra), chécalos por aquí!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (english!)

Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (Español!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model (in english)

Making of Korra- Eden (in english)

Ahora, este fanart es más único y detergente, pues no está hecho en base de un fanfiction, es una colaboración super genial con una gran amiga del facebu, Karla Ríos, ella hizo el Lineart (y decidió qué personaje se haría y cómo quería el fondo! Muy espacial xD), y yo el coloreo, en formato digital ;D.
Karla tiene más arte super chidori, si quieren checarla, aquí está el link!

Facebook Karla Ríos con arte que volará tu cerebro (es genial!)

También, antes de meternos con el proceso del fanart, para que vean que tengo cosillas originales de mí!

Auto publicidad desvergonzada! Mi historia original

Auto publicidad desvergonzada 2! Mi cómic propio

Ahora, adentrémonos en la realización del bello husbando— eeem, personaje favorito de Gintama para KR xD.
Este fanart se creó basándose en arte oficial, como esta!

Entonces KR dibujó esta bella interpretación (si se fijan, tiene diferencias!)

Ahora, el siguiente proceso es más una seríalización de cómo se van viendo las capas de color y sombreado, pues el proceso del lineart es un misterio para mi!

Empezando por el curioso paraguas oriental que Kamui siempre lleva, que le sirve de arma, para protegerse del cruel sol (es lo contrario de Superman, ok?) y recrear Singing in the rain!

Siguiente en las capas ascendentes del personaje, está la piel! Necesitamos que este husbando sea 3d para poder apreciarlo mejor ;D

Ahí está, ese husbando ya es besab—eem, se ve mejor! Pero siempre es más cuando tiene una sensual cabellera, que vuele al viento para que su sensualidad bishounen se luzca!

Ahora, continuemos con la ropa, que un husbando desnudo no está mal, pero uno plano ni se aprecia!!

Ups, no tiene piernas!! Poor cripple boy! jajaj, no! Esperen, podemos arreglar eso!

Y finalmente, la última parte de su atavío, la capa cool que lleva a todos lados!

Y con el toque final, tenemos el dibujo completo!

Aplausos, aplausos! Es todo, shu!! se terminó el show— no! Es broma! Aún continúa, vuelvan!!

Falta el escenario… pero antes, algo de fanservice!

Ok, suficiente closeup (por ahora..)! Ese fondo no se hará solo!

Ya con el dibujo de Kamui completamente a color, el siguiente paso era hacerle un fondo chulo, como KR solicitó, un fondo cósmico espacial digno de star trek! Digo, de una portada de Gintama!

Le haré como Cositas (quién muestra las cositas en la tv!! Ok, ese chiste es muy viejo, como Cositas en canal 5 y yo misma T.T)…
Entonces, comienzan un dibujo sobre el clima espacial…

Entonces haces esto, y aquello, un poco de lo demás…. meto el dibujo dentro de este bote mágico…

Y cuando me doy la vuelta, saco un nuevo dibujo debajo de la mesa… ya tengo lista la escena!

Sin embargo, esta obra no está completa! La colaboración era de que Karla haría su versión del dibujo y yo la mía, así, pueden tener dos versiones geniales para disfrutar!

Primero, un contra cara a cara de ambas!

La estimada KR me hizo llegar sus capturas del proceso, para que aprecien coquetamente como le quedó ;D

Ahora, las versiones completas!!!!

Versión HD 4x sorround para descarga, el archivo es tremendamente pesado, Quería que se luciera lo más posible jejeje (no, es que exageré!!)

Making of Korra- Eden

This cool Korra fanart is sponsored by Spoiled Milk that will spoil your life hahaha! (not really, this fanart won´t spoil anything! awesome!)

Cool Music by. jeremy zuckerman buy their albums and stuff, you know the drill!

Qué tal amigos en español! Este proceso está escrito en inglés, para añadir variedad a la página y eso, así que si no saben el idioma, chequen el widget de la izquierda, es google translate, y hace un buen trabajo (casi xD). Si quieren leer todo mi rollo, denle click! SI no, sólo vayan al link para el fanfiction (que está en inglés) y disfruten una gran historia ;D

Yep, that´s right! Another cool fanart process (because I need to fill up space with something now that I´m so busy hahaha, don´t worry, I´m getting ready some surprises!).

If you haven´t seen the previous making of fanart I made, they were from Danganronpa series, one only about Mukuro Ikusaba, and the other one the Despair Sisters (stop with the despaircest already, that´s messed up!!x0 silly DR 3 anime!). Check them out here!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (now in english!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model (already in english)

Now, the fanfic that inspired this one is somewhat special, I know the author from way back! 2013 or so, and I have been reading him since then, he not only writes fanfictions, he has a myriad of original fictions too!

You can find his stories here!

Metal Hollow by. James VogelStein on Amazon

Assorted short stories by. Jay Vogel on Smashwords (free!)

Check them out, they are pretty interesting, his narrative is solid and fluid and you can really get into the heads of these characters. Also, The Kalos proposes a pretty neat SciFi scenario that is worth seeing (we will ever get into that sort of things? who knows!!=O)

But if you want to read something safer (because you are into Legend of Korra fandom!), then check this out!

Fanfic Eden by. jlthdprgy

This particular fanfic is a whole fixer upper of the whole series! It retakes the story where ended the first season, only without getting back the lost bendigs (you know, like it should have been, otherwise, Korra just transformed into a rampant Mary Sue!!).
And the issue Amon raised, even though he was a fake, wasn´t dropped like cheap gum, no! It affected lives all over the place and his actions had consequences and everybody suffered and Korra had to deal with her emoness and train harder and find her own place and KorrAsami still happened but before the canon one so I’m pretty sure the authors copied this fic and Tumblr xD

Also, ups, spoilers? hahaha, nah, who hasn´t seen LoK first and all the other seasons? If not, sorry, but they suck and you should read this instead. yeah, i’m just another fan claiming my favorite fanfiction is better than canon (I do that all the time, why are you surprised!?)

Before getting into the fanart, some….

Shameless self promotion! (some day I could even translate it xD)

Shameless self promotion 2!

Well, on with the meat of this making of!

I have to say this fanart concept was on store since mmhh, 2013! hahaha, yeah, I took my damn sweet time, didn´t I?

I wanted something that could show the energy that this character has always have in the series, she moving around and doing stuff… but at the same time, trying not to spoil too much from the story because what happens in there is not common knowledge (contrary to the previous fanfictions, where there are lots of new developments, but mostly trying to play along with the canon, this writes it all differently without shame!)

So this time my references where my cool knowledge on wushu, yeah, I took the freedom to make Korra practice wushu, because why the heck not? xD…oook, I admit it, I used this image as inspiration for the pose…

So I just redraw it all, making the pose more sharp and dynamic, just how it should be done were this girl to participate on a wushu tournament (yeah, that tiger ought to be more pronounced!).

As for the clothes, I tried to go along with the descriptions that appear on the fanfiction, yeah, even that’s different from the canon. But mostly, I kept the design in line with what I thought Korra would be wearing (by the time I made it, that is, because later on the canon she changed style so wildly she appeared like a different character and that was refreshing and unexpected, props to the creators!)

And finally, the lineart! Yeah, yeah, I know, all those fanarts have my own style and are nothing like the originals, don´t blame me, i´m lazy as to imitate the author’s style T.T

Then, my favorite part! The colors! Well, no, everything is my favorite part, but with the colors it comes alive! This version of Korra is supposed to be darker (not in the skin! read the story and you may found out ;D). She has gotten serious and is doing things from the shadows (she’s like a ninja! Hahaha). So her color pallete just had to be darker! In fact, she looks better like that!

I just went directly into the shades, as always with these fanarts, I made them like those animesque characters, because that saves me time with highlights! In my drawings I tend to put a pallete of 5 colors, one base, two shades and two highlights and making the values for each one is so time consuming! Hahaha

And everything integrated!

As always, all fanart about a fanfic made by me that’s worth something must have a thematic background! So I just decided for some shades and light play.

Mix it all togheter with some pretty sign over there and you get a nice cozy fanart!

As always, I have something extra to share with you, yeah! More ego boost for me hahaha nah, kidding. It’s just the thing that drew me into draw something for this cool guy and his cool fanfiction…

the other day some fanfiker even thanked me for commenting 50 times in his whole fanfiction! Wow, even I amaze myself sometimes xD

Later on, I drew some original art for his original works, he wanted character concepts that could help him write better his people and scenes, and I wanted to practice my character design skills, the perfect duo!
Maybe someday i will post those characters here ;D

Finally, some HD version in case someone wants to download the final version and have fun with it (for who knows what!)

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction

Si tu no comprendes esto English!!! entonces ve directo a la versión en español de esto!
Haciendo a Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction

And if you are wondering, yes, I have my own stories, you can check them out here!

Si se lo preguntan, así es, tengo mis historias propias, chéquenselas aquí!

Shameless self advertisement! My own original story

Shameless self advertisement! My own original comic inspired by My own original story

Shameless self advertisement 2! My own original comic

I´m not here to make any free publicity for the Danganronpa series! Nope, this piece of art was inspired by a fine piece of literature!
You read it right, pal, I´m not talking about that cool DR IF novel, but something akin to it, but, in my humble opinion, even better!

Yep, this is based on a fanfiction, one so good, it shows the author is super dedicated to the story, every detail is well taken care of, all characters are given the proper and just development they deserve (there´s not a pawn to further the plot, everyone contributes to it by their actions and interactions!).

And the main difference to the DR IF novel is that, contrary to what happens in the book, here the continuity of the game is perfectly mantained (so much that this could well be translated into game form and anyone would be fooled by it, it´s so seamless that it even seem canon!).

Of course, you could argue “but there are a lot of DR IF variation fanfiction out there!” Well, you can argue all you want, but this one is special in the sense that the author keeps updating and has a plan to get it into the finish line and beyond!
This story hasn´t been abandoned, contrary to many others out there (you should be ashamed, irresponsible parents abandoning their offspring!! However, I don´t blame you, I know the interest in this franchise wears off pretty quickly, but still!!!)

If I have captured your attention, feel free to enjoy this fine story and support the author too!

Fanfic Never Say Never por. Hunter Of Comedy

It´s so cool, it even has a TV Tropes page, woah!

Tv Tropes- Fanfic Never Say Never por. Hunter Of Comedy

So, on with the story of this fanart, one day, procrastinating my doctorate homework (hahha, even phd can be boring, did you knew? xD), I had the nagging need to look up some nice fanarts of Mukuro, she´s so cool, but underdeveloped in the canon (such a shame!). She had so much potential, and her DR IF version showed her in all her splendor xD, also, fanfikers tend to write her more thoroughly than the original author, so looking up fan works make sense!

So I found this neat piece…

Anyway, what does this absurd story has to do with me laughing at copy right and making my own cool version of someone else´s character!?
Well, this fanart reminded me a lot of the story Never Say Never, that´s all! More than anything, that abnormal spear skewing her hand like that, through her Fenrir tatoo and all! Weird, that only ever happens on the fanfiction, the canon would never do that! (of course not, the canon would kill her even before the first trial, doesn´t it, Kodaka!!!?)

Then I showed it to the fanfic author, whom lamented not being able to use it for the cover of the story =.C (even though I doubt mine will be used xD still, nice try hahaha)

But as always, Mary D. Kidd has the solution! So in my worst boredom crisis (I mean, procrastinating my essays!), I put myself to drawing something neat, and well, let´s begin with my creative process, shall we?

I wanted a dynamic pose, just like the inspiration fanart! Something that could reflect the restless nature of Mukuro (the hardass lead soldier mercenary girl or 16 years old!).

SO first of all, I made a base eskeleton with the expressiveness the character was supposed to have, nimble and energetic, with expert calculated movements.

When I´m satisfied with my dancing eskeleton, I procced with the rough sketch of the base body, like muscles and skin.

Then, I proceed to draw the outline of the body. Yep, that directly I do it, maybe I skip over some steps, but I don´t feel the need for them, I just roll with what I feel like doing ;D.
Adter this, my lineart is ready! Too bad the original character style is not my style, I could never try to imitate it, so I will just settle with mine, aw shucks…

I will make another drastical jump, doing the clothes in one piece per layer. Normally, I would divide each garment separately because that´s more funny. Dressing the character as if it were a barbie doll of sorts, just to try and memorize the design and better visualize how the character looks with it. But this time, it´s not my character, the look is fixed and I don´t need to decide if it looks well, because it has been proved scientifically by the best scientists of the world of visual novels! LOL?

Lastly, some aditional details! I need to give it context and personality…

Each part will be colored independiently, beginning with the skin, then the visible lines over the clothes.

The hair is another cool part I like to color.Someway, I ended up making it well defined. I couldn´t stand not highlighting the hair, don´t blame me, I love complex realistic hairs xD

Finally, on to the colours for the clothes. Ok, this won´t be a detailed tutorial about my coloring technique, but I can say I like to imitate the shadings you can get when using graphite pencils (like, when you do it in black and white!). Then, I add texture to the clothes through the color more than the lineart itself!

As you can see, some places aren´t fully coloured! Oh, shock, they aren´t even coloured! Well, those parts get obscured by the rest of the components in the picture… is just… you haven´t seen them yet, but I did so I took it into account, lol!

According with the context of the “Never Say Never” fanfiction, Mukuro survived the attempt against her life with the Gungnir spears (ups, spoiler alert, I guess?). So, in exchange, she received terrible damage to her hand… so then, playing around with the concept, I even put the spears sorrounding her, coupled by her dynamic posture!

Some more color for the spears, and blood, tons of blood, but not your common brand of blood, Danganronpa blood! Pink, because everybody is filled with cotton candy! I guess…

One last detail, let´s put some color to that ugly wig!

That´s all, the picture is completed! Let´s marvel at its beauty!

But well, all that work only gains meaning if the author sees it and enjoys it, right!

Finally, some HD version in case someone wants to download the final version and have fun with it (for who knows what!)

Check out my other fanarts too ;D

Fanarts page

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model

Cool Music by. Binaria buy their albums and stuff, you know the drill!

Qué tal amigos en español! Este proceso está escrito en inglés, para añadir variedad a la página y eso, así que si no saben el idioma, chequen el widget de la izquierda, es google translate, y hace un buen trabajo (casi xD). Si quieren leer todo mi rollo, denle click! SI no, sólo vayan al link para el fanfiction (que está en inglés) y disfruten una gran historia ;D

Yep, that´s right! This will be entirely written on english, I have to flex my english skills, or else, I may forget why I barely passed the idiom test xD

If you haven´t seen the previous making of fanart I made, it was also from Danganronpa, it´s in spanish, and it´s of Mukuro Ikusaba, because she´s so cool even if the canon one messed with her, the real one and perfect will always be the DR IF version and nobody can tell me otherwise and least of all the creator (learn how to write a character, please!).

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction

Anyway, this new art is in honor of another great fanfiction! You see, I got this knack for great fanfictions and fangirling all over them hahaha, and since I can and I like to procrastinate on my doctoral essays (one per week, how bothersome -.-), I like to flex my artsy fingers with mindless art, just a good fanart, characters already finished, defined and known xD

Oh, no! Maybe I´m becoming a fanart kind of people, oh woe is to me!
Ok, I have stories of my own, but well… stuff,

Shameless self promotion!

Shameless self promotion 2!

Also here you can read the great fanfiction that inspired this fanart ;D

Fanfic My Shadow is a Super Model by. Starlit Shadow Huntress

Now, promotion time, because nobody pays me anything and I love to boast about other people´s great work xD (seriously, what´s up with me!?) Anyway, this neat story give us insight into the early life and rise of the main antagonists (or villians, who knows) from Danganronpa series… The shock, I seem to be obsessed with Danganronpa as of late!
You got it Wrong! It´s just with the fanfictions (yeah, fans write better stories than..ok, I sound like a broken record, who cares? xD).
Seriously, I haven´t encounter another series so unsatisfying that the fandom can do better even if not all the best stories are finished yet! (even unfinished stories are better than…. ups!)

Anyway, on with this story! My shadow is a super model takes on the perspective of both the twins (but I feel mainly with Mukuro), their misadventures as children, they growing up in a neatly and thoroughly well thoughtout backstory, for them both, for their parents (non existent in canon), and even their grandpas! Woah, their ancestors are all OC made by the author and they have even more role in the story than what Mukuro got in the original game, how is that even possible?

This story is a work in process, but I firmly trust the author will deliver it to the very end and give us a wild ride full of exciting developments and emotional moments that will give us a real insight in the minds of the masterminds. Maybe even we can get to see how Junko develops her ambition for world …wreckage? Well, whatever she did…despairfication whatever, but with more sense than the stale dumn “I was bored!” and such.
I forgot to mention, this doesn´t have plot holes, retcons nor improvisations to cover up lack of character development xD seriously, why aren´t all this cool author getting paid for writing this series?

Well, on with the meat of this making of!

First off, I have to confess I had references! (shame on me), this neat imagen I found on the internet somewhere, of the twins as little girls (so cute!). I took the outfits and general appearances, you can´t blame me, the canon has nothing of it! (wth Kodaka! your antagonists deserve better, even One Piece has a child version for every character even if just happens to pass by the screen as background!)

And for the background, I used this other…

For this story, I wanted something symbolic (yeah, I want something symbolic ever, no surprise here!). Something that could relate directly to the main theme of the story, it´s not hard if you know the series, but it´s tricky, too much symbolism can ruin the picture (you know, this is not abstract art or anything!).
Also, I wanted to focus more on the main drill of this story, this is an origin story, but for what? Exactly! SO then, I came up with this little nifty concept!

The, I added color and I got this!

hahaha, kidding! How horrible xD but the desired effect it´s there… just that I skipped a few steps… let´s backtrack a little!

I defined the twins, because no way I will make this fanart like my crappy ones for children stories (look it up on random stories xD)

Fanarts for children stories that will scar you for life!

Fanarts for children stories that will scar you for life!2

No, I couldn´t possibly do that for this.. could I? hehehe, so I procceeded with the base drawing!

Well, I made one layer of drawing over the other without caring for having any errors. I already had this little image on my mind about what I wanted them to look like. Lil Junko was going to be this bubbly happy little girly girl and Lil ol’ Mukuro was supposed to look calm, collected and shy, it´s nice how they mirror each other, complete opposites. It´s almost poetic (wow Kodaka, I can concede that to you, your characters are pretty interesting, now you just develop them , please!)

As for the background, I just redraw the whole building like this…

And as for the twins, for that added extra symbolic symbolism, I drew those impossible shadows that will shamelessly foreshadow what´s their future =C

Now, my Lineart it´s complete, yikes! Next step, for the twins, was to add some nice color, right now, they are unnervingly white!

Some color at the hair and clothes too! Also, notice the extra spoilerific details on their shadows xD

With the twins ready, the next step was the background! I wanted something even more symbolic! And that could make the whole composition more intriguing….

Well, yeah, I destroyed the world with a single color change xD so, what gives? In fact, I like the way the color blends like if it were a sunset shimmer of sorts (ups, wrong series!). If not for the gritty grim aspect of the building, it wouldn´t look so bad, don´t you think?

Well, too bad! This is not your typical happy ending! Muajajaja

With this, my evul plan is finally complete! Just throw the characters in there, their destinies will be sealed! Muahahahaha
Also, if you are wondering about the shadows being wrong with the light sources, don´t think of them as shadows (have you seen pink shadows!?) they are more like… evul spirits haunting your very soul, that´s it! So their shadowy shadow rules don´t apply to them, LOL!

Ooooh, but because I like to boast my ego, I´m going to share…some cute conversations and appreciations =D, yep, my little baby will be well taken care of T.T

Finally, some HD version in case someone wants to download the final version and have fun with it (for who knows what!)