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Making of Korra- Eden

This cool Korra fanart is sponsored by Spoiled Milk that will spoil your life hahaha! (not really, this fanart won´t spoil anything! awesome!)

Cool Music by. jeremy zuckerman buy their albums and stuff, you know the drill!

Qué tal amigos en español! Este proceso está escrito en inglés, para añadir variedad a la página y eso, así que si no saben el idioma, chequen el widget de la izquierda, es google translate, y hace un buen trabajo (casi xD). Si quieren leer todo mi rollo, denle click! SI no, sólo vayan al link para el fanfiction (que está en inglés) y disfruten una gran historia ;D

Yep, that´s right! Another cool fanart process (because I need to fill up space with something now that I´m so busy hahaha, don´t worry, I´m getting ready some surprises!).

If you haven´t seen the previous making of fanart I made, they were from Danganronpa series, one only about Mukuro Ikusaba, and the other one the Despair Sisters (stop with the despaircest already, that´s messed up!!x0 silly DR 3 anime!). Check them out here!

Making of Mukuro Ikusaba- Never Say Never fanfiction (now in english!)

Making of Despair Sisters- My Shadow is a Super Model (already in english)

Now, the fanfic that inspired this one is somewhat special, I know the author from way back! 2013 or so, and I have been reading him since then, he not only writes fanfictions, he has a myriad of original fictions too!

You can find his stories here!

Metal Hollow by. James VogelStein on Amazon

Assorted short stories by. Jay Vogel on Smashwords (free!)

Check them out, they are pretty interesting, his narrative is solid and fluid and you can really get into the heads of these characters. Also, The Kalos proposes a pretty neat SciFi scenario that is worth seeing (we will ever get into that sort of things? who knows!!=O)

But if you want to read something safer (because you are into Legend of Korra fandom!), then check this out!

Fanfic Eden by. jlthdprgy

This particular fanfic is a whole fixer upper of the whole series! It retakes the story where ended the first season, only without getting back the lost bendigs (you know, like it should have been, otherwise, Korra just transformed into a rampant Mary Sue!!).
And the issue Amon raised, even though he was a fake, wasn´t dropped like cheap gum, no! It affected lives all over the place and his actions had consequences and everybody suffered and Korra had to deal with her emoness and train harder and find her own place and KorrAsami still happened but before the canon one so I’m pretty sure the authors copied this fic and Tumblr xD

Also, ups, spoilers? hahaha, nah, who hasn´t seen LoK first and all the other seasons? If not, sorry, but they suck and you should read this instead. yeah, i’m just another fan claiming my favorite fanfiction is better than canon (I do that all the time, why are you surprised!?)

Before getting into the fanart, some….

Shameless self promotion! (some day I could even translate it xD)

Shameless self promotion 2!

Well, on with the meat of this making of!

I have to say this fanart concept was on store since mmhh, 2013! hahaha, yeah, I took my damn sweet time, didn´t I?

I wanted something that could show the energy that this character has always have in the series, she moving around and doing stuff… but at the same time, trying not to spoil too much from the story because what happens in there is not common knowledge (contrary to the previous fanfictions, where there are lots of new developments, but mostly trying to play along with the canon, this writes it all differently without shame!)

So this time my references where my cool knowledge on wushu, yeah, I took the freedom to make Korra practice wushu, because why the heck not? xD…oook, I admit it, I used this image as inspiration for the pose…

So I just redraw it all, making the pose more sharp and dynamic, just how it should be done were this girl to participate on a wushu tournament (yeah, that tiger ought to be more pronounced!).

As for the clothes, I tried to go along with the descriptions that appear on the fanfiction, yeah, even that’s different from the canon. But mostly, I kept the design in line with what I thought Korra would be wearing (by the time I made it, that is, because later on the canon she changed style so wildly she appeared like a different character and that was refreshing and unexpected, props to the creators!)

And finally, the lineart! Yeah, yeah, I know, all those fanarts have my own style and are nothing like the originals, don´t blame me, i´m lazy as to imitate the author’s style T.T

Then, my favorite part! The colors! Well, no, everything is my favorite part, but with the colors it comes alive! This version of Korra is supposed to be darker (not in the skin! read the story and you may found out ;D). She has gotten serious and is doing things from the shadows (she’s like a ninja! Hahaha). So her color pallete just had to be darker! In fact, she looks better like that!

I just went directly into the shades, as always with these fanarts, I made them like those animesque characters, because that saves me time with highlights! In my drawings I tend to put a pallete of 5 colors, one base, two shades and two highlights and making the values for each one is so time consuming! Hahaha

And everything integrated!

As always, all fanart about a fanfic made by me that’s worth something must have a thematic background! So I just decided for some shades and light play.

Mix it all togheter with some pretty sign over there and you get a nice cozy fanart!

As always, I have something extra to share with you, yeah! More ego boost for me hahaha nah, kidding. It’s just the thing that drew me into draw something for this cool guy and his cool fanfiction…

the other day some fanfiker even thanked me for commenting 50 times in his whole fanfiction! Wow, even I amaze myself sometimes xD

Later on, I drew some original art for his original works, he wanted character concepts that could help him write better his people and scenes, and I wanted to practice my character design skills, the perfect duo!
Maybe someday i will post those characters here ;D

Finally, some HD version in case someone wants to download the final version and have fun with it (for who knows what!)