Quiet ground (CrossMirror Awen)- P15


Chapter Beginning

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Freedom Wills
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Creasoulness es un lugar mágico con historias y creaciones curiosas esperando a poder maravillarte.
-Creasoulness it´s a magic place with crazy stories and curious creations waiting to marvel you!-

Siéntete libre de explorar a tus anchas, comentar tus impresiones y compartir si te gusta.
-Feel free to explore as you wish, comment your impressions and share what like, you are welcome!-

Ten un viaje emocionante y divertido!
-Have an exciting and funny journey!-

~ tu amiga -your friend- Mary D. Kidd

Muajaja, qué buen lugar para mis juegos!
-Muahahaha, what a nice place for my games!-


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Mary D. Kidd

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  1. it’s my first time visiting your blog and I’m very fascinated. Thank you for sharing and keep up 😉


  2. Awesome site, how do u get all this info?I have read through a few articles on your site and I love your writing style. Thanks a million, keep up the good work.


  3. Great site, how do you find all this information?I’ve read a couple of posts on your website and I like your writing style. Thanks a million, keep up the good work.



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