nicky investigation-the fanged sheep case part 1

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Hellow my english speaking readers (love you all xD so continue reading!). I begun translating this comic series of mine for your enjoyment, if you appreciate the effort, share it and whatever, leave comments at least and let me know if you like it.
By the way, yes, nicky was a parody reference to mickey, my ten year old self was such a genius, wasn´t she? xD

This first story, “The fanged sheep case” is about the proverbial wolf in sheep´s skin, that may count as a spoiler, so don´t heed it any attention and pretend I didn´t say anything hahaha.
This thing is inspired on a very dramatic event that shook my familiar circle this year! (2017 has been so hectic!), and since I was, in fact, the protagonist of it all (sadly), I’m drawing this series as a kind of therapy so that it is not as horrible as it is supposed to be! (way to devalue a real life problem xD)

This story is very dramatized, exaggerated and full of silly quirky comedy, because what I went through was not so happy, it was pretty intense and even awesome (considering I´m not a real detective but I should be given a medal for what I did, why am I not being given a medal! I want my medal!!! )=C). So a little fiction doesn´t hurt anyone xD also, I´m going to put darker things in later parts, because why the heck not!? I´m sure many Hillary and pizza haters out there are going to have a blast with it… but no spoilers, You will see when we get to it hahah

Fortunately, I wasn´t the only protagonist here, so my deuteragonist it´s represented by Kony (keep your eyes open for him!). Before anything else, I have to point out that I´m not represented by Nicky, my love for cheese doesn´t go that far (yet! I prefer mushrooms better!!!)

I changed some facts, characters and names, but the investigation and the very essence of the case are true to the real deal!

By the time I´m posting it, the culprits are still being held in wait for their trial, so when that comes, I will put an epilogue somewhere xD

Also, I will continue making Nicky stuff, some funny and silly, another serious and funny, others mysterious and even scary! So keep an eye open for this little limbless mouse! And don´t forget to gift him cheese, he will love you even more!


Chapter Beginning

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