Unity 3D imported 3DS Max model test

Hello! This is a random post xD By request of a Pakistani friend I did a skater guy totally modelled on 3DS Max, rigged and animated too! I had so much un posing him to animate it. I Have discovered the animation workflow of 3DS Max is so wonderful, that I liked it so much!
Then I tried it out on Unity because it s funny!
So I have decided to make a nice tutorial about modelling techniques (aimed to improve topology), rigging, skinning and animating on 3DS Max and the workflow of importing and mecanimating it n Unity! 2 x 1!
Stay tuned for it!

Hola! este es un post random a mas no poder! Por peticion de un amigo Paquistani, modele un skato de la old school completamente modelado, riggeado y animado en 3DS Max! Me diverti tanto posandolo para animacion, que he decidido hacer un tutorial completo sobre el tema… en algun futuro proximo ;D
Tambien incluire el workflow para manejarlo en Unity usando mecanim! tutorial 2 x 1!
Esten al pendiente ;3


Here you can see all the nodes I connected on the mecanim system, they simulates some kind of skating cycle for my skater guy xD